What’s In Store For You With A Gas Station Card

Once you realize that it’s high time you save on gasoline, you will probably do a little research on ways to save up. Yes there are a million ways to save up on gas expenses. Some of them work and some are just scams. One of the proven ways is the simple approach called the gasoline rebate credit card. These gas credit cards work just like any other credit card but it is more into the gas sector and offers more rebates for gas purchases.

When applying for a gas card, you will encounter two different kinds. There will be a gas card focusing on savings at all gas stations and the other one which offers savings on a particular gas station only. So the question now is – what kind of gas credit card should I apply for?
This article is for you to know what’s in store for you when you apply for a gas card focusing on a particular gas station. While both may have their upside and downside, you may able to get ore out of a card that is focused on a certain gas station instead of all of them.

More rebated for your fill ups
Gas station cards focusing on a gas station such as the BP gives more off per gallon compared with a traditional car. In 2008, the BP Visa® card provided a ten percent rebate for each gallon for the first ninety days and five percent per gallon after. When compared with other gas card such as the Discovery® open road card, you may find that there is about one or two percent difference. Though it doesn’t sound much, but it does add up.

Better gifts
When you stay loyal to a certain gas station and you fill up on their station, you’ll find that they are more likely to send you gifts all throughout the year. The problem with a traditional card is that you are going to fill up at more than one gas station so technically, you are not going to be loyal to the company. Most consumers love receiving gifts and freebies such as t-shirts, gas gift cars and a lot more simply by filling up with gas. So, you not only save on your fill ups, you’ll likely to receive gifts and freebies as well.

Though both cards have their ups and downs, if you really want a certain type of card, consider this two points when you apply or sign up for a particular gas station card. You have to make sure that when you do sign up for that certain gas station, find a gas station in your area that you can be loyal to. And if you do travel a lot, be sure that the gas station you applied for is available nationwide. You should never sign up for a card that caters only a station on a few locations. They are not even worth signing up for.

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