What To Do With A Car That Keeps On Jiggling

Along with the oil price hike that seem to go up every week, car owners also have to face the rising prices of auto parts and services. But luckily there are still a lot of ways to get discounts and even small rebates on credit card purchases. However, it is still not enough to cover the increase in prices of having car fixed.

Every car owner also knows that along with the aging of the car, its parts and functions also ages. Thus a car become more vulnerable to problems and troubles that need to be addressed immediately before it becomes permanent or irreversible or it affects other parts and functions.

One part of the car that easily suffers from wear and tear and needs to be regularly replaced are the car’s shock absorbers. These normally could last twenty to thirty thousand miles of travel. Strut cartridges which are paired with the shocks typically wear down after forty to sixty thousand miles of travel. Strut cartridges are commonly placed on the front and shock absorbers are on the rear of the vehicle.

A common cause of discomfort for vehicle owners are noises that can be heard when driving over road bumps. These noises could be caused by loose shock absorber mounts which could be due to nuts and bolts that have also loosed. This may be checked just by looking under the vehicle.

Some signs worn down shock absorbers, strut cartridges and loosened mounts are too much bouncing, banging noises and excessive swaying upon making a turn. This condition can also affect tires are they will wear out unevenly.

If you think you have the guts and skills to take up your own maintenance work on your car, you can easily replace your shocks and struts and also tighten bolts by yourself. You will need pretty basic tools for this, including a study pair of jack stands and your car owner’s manual. This would take about a day and a half of you in the garage.

If this is the first time for you to do this, you will probably need the assistance of a friend who knows how to do it. Strut cartridges replacement may be a bit dangerous and may cause injuries if done haphazardly. Some strut cartridges are mounted inside the coil springs and will require disassembly of the steering mechanism connection. While some other struts are less complicated replace and are mounted outside the coil springs. You should check your car’s manual to know which type you car has. If you discover that you have the much complicated kind, you can just opt to bring your car to a service station to avoid any accidents or damages to yourself or the vehicle.

Remember to be organizes when you are maintaining or doing repairs for your vehicle. Nuts and bolts can easily roll around and get lost under the things inside your garage. You have to ensure your safety all the time.

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