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In rough times, your gas cards can act as your friend as well. Others may not normally pay attention to the things that can be delivered by the gas cards since the savings can be quite small, but in the long run there is no denying the benefits that can be delivered by these cards at the pump. So how do these cards work? Simple; these cards will offer you cash back on all your purchases and will offer better rebates as well. In general these cards will save you money, but the amount of money that you can save will depend on your gas card provider. If you have the best gas cards then chances are you will get better rewards and better savings. So how can you nail the best gas cards in the market?

One rule is to look beyond the introductory offers. Some of these cards offer the best introductory offers for the first few weeks and months and after that, the deal go fizz. So before you jump on the next gas card for you, research on how the rewards will change at the turn of the road. At least you will be ready to face little or no rewards after all. Some rebates may start as high as 6 percent for the 6 months but after the first 6 months, you can watch the offer drop to 3 percent or even 2 percent. Skip if possible the station specific cards. This is an obvious tip so that you will not be restricted.

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