Shell Gas Cards, What You Need to Know

With gas at 4$ a gallon, we’re all looking for a great deal that can help us save money. If you’re looking for the perfect gas card, why not get one that provides you with solid benefits and great rewards? Why not get a card from a station that you go to every single time you need to fill up that empty tank?

One of the best gas cards deals you can get is the Shell gas card. Shell has many types of gas cards available not only for your own personal needs but also for your business. Since Shell is one of the major gas providers in the United States, it makes sense to sign up for a gas card that they supply. You can easily get rebates, discounts and rewards from your favorite station. This is a great deal if you frequent Shell gas stations, no matter what type of gas you buy. You can get Shell gas cards from their affiliate credit card provider Citibank or sign up at any Shell gas station. Just pull in and you’re on your way towards great savings and benefits!

Here’s a sample of what you have in store when you sign up for a Shell gas card:

Shell’s cards have no annual fee. You don’t have to pay $30 or so dollars to avail of the membership. They don’t even have monthly fees that you have to pay—aside from the usual late, over limit and returned check fees. Even their fees are reasonable and easy to pay. You won’t feel like you’ve emptied your wallet out just to pay for gas. You also get great benefits like 0% liability and no obligation for fraud charges in case your card is lost or stolen. Not only that, Citibank provides great customer service that you can count on. You also get automobile and travel insurance that you can avail of no matter what part of the world you’re in. This is because Shell is a multi national company that guarantees great service no matter what borders you cross.

If you frequent Shell gas stations, the convenience of having a Shell card is unequaled. Not only do you get cash backs and rebates for every single gallon you pay, you also get service benefits for your vehicle at every participating gas station. This means that you get rebates for simple things like tune-ups and even for every purchase that you make outside of fuel. Not only that, Shell has 4 different cards available that help you decide what you really want and give you the best rewards and benefits for every single penny you spend.

If you have a business, Shell also thinks of your expenses. They give out great Fleet cards that help you manage your business expenses and keep your drivers in check. If you’re worried about how much your company is spending fuel wise, you’ll easily see this every time you receive a statement. They also provide driver services such as rebates for food and other purchases as well as purchase restrictions. You never have to worry about where your money is going ever again.

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