Minimize Gas Prices With Your Gas Rebate Credit Card Rewards

There are a variety of credit card companies that are trying to help you save money on gasoline. As gas prices are either holding steady at their already-too-high rate or increasing all the time; any option for saving money on gas could indeed be very helpful.

Gas cards may offer cash back when you make a gas purchase (and sometimes other purchases as well). This means you get a rebate every time you fill up your car- which can help offset the amount you pay for whenever you pay for your gas. If the card offers a 10% gas rebate, it’s the same as getting a 10% discount when you fill up your car. That’s basically how it works.

If you use a gas rebate credit card, you pay for your gas purchases using the card, and then you’ll receive your rebate from the credit card company. Depending on the terms of the card, you might receive the rebates in the form of a credit back on your credit card, a certificate, or check in the mail that is paid to cash.

To maximize the benefits of a gas rebate credit card, you should always see to it that you pay your dues every month in full and even before the dated deadline reflected in your statement. If you do not pay your dues in full every month, chances are you will have to pay for interest on your gas purchases and could defeat the purpose of acquiring gas rebates and rewards.

For cardholders with a 0% interest rate introductory offer, you may choose to let your gas purchases accumulate over the entire period of the introductory offer- and make a single payment at the end of the free interest period. This will allow you to maximize your rebate benefits. Just be sure to send in the payment before the introductory offer ends to avoid paying a monthly interest fee.

Spend some time looking at the various gas rebate credit cards. Some cards allow you to purchase gas from any station that accepts credit cards for your rewards; while others require that you purchase gas from specific gas station brands. If you plan to use the credit card for more than just gas purchases, you’ll want to find one that gives you cash back on purchases other than gas as well like groceries and the like, to help maximize what you can earn in the form of rewards.

Another way to save money on gas is by making sure that your vehicle is in check and is always in its right condition. Keep tires inflated to the proper pressure as indicated on your owner’s manual. Tires that are inflated correctly can save up to 7 cents per gallon in gas costs. Fuel economy decreases when your vehicle is traveling at speeds over 60 miles per hour. Extra weight in your car will decrease the fuel economy. An idling engine wastes gas. Most vehicles only need to “warm up” for two or three minutes before driving, even when it’s cold. Combine errands and plan your trips. Why take three trips in one day to various places when you could do all three in one round trip and save on gas and miles?

By knowing all these information, you are expanding your chances at gaining more rewards and benefits with your every use of gas rebate credit card.

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