Green Car Insurance

People are now more aware that we have a responsibility towards our environment – our planet. We have accepted the fact that people had continuously ruined our ecosystem and it is now the time to reverse it. Remedial and corrective measures are now being implemented to save our planet.

The transportation sector has been a major contributor to the sad state of our environment. The vehicle emissions constitute a large bulk of the pollutants that envelop our planet. Recently, a large effort had been exerted to lower vehicle emissions by producing car efficient-burning engines and by using cleaner fuel. The concept of green car had evolved and is now getting a big share of the car market. Car makers are racing against the clock to produce both electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles – those that use both gas and electricity.

While the production of green cars got the priority attention of car makers, there is another concept that is now evolving – green car insurance. The concern over global warming is rising and therefore all sectors of business are also looking at ways of giving their contribution on how to reduce the damage to the environment. The car insurance market is not lagging in finding solutions to the problem of environmental degradation.

There is now a proposal in California to revise insurance regulations in order to make it green. Under the proposal, people are encouraged to drive less and such will be rewarded by a lower insurance rate. The proposal is named ‘pay-as-you-drive’, a concept that will measure your mileage before calculating your insurance rate. The lower your mileage is, the lower your insurance premium will be. Another aspect of the proposal is that your insurance premium will go dramatically if you use an environmentally friendly car- either an electric car or a hybrid car.

A green car insurance policy works by providing funds for environmental projects that will offset the carbon emissions of vehicles. The concept of green car insurance will definitely appeal to environmentally conscious drivers.

Green car insurance works in different ways in order to save our environment. Some green car insurance companies set aside a certain amount from your premium in order to buy half an acre of rainforest thus preventing the land from being destroyed and combat climate change effectively by offsetting the CO2 emissions produced by your vehicle. Other green car insurance companies spend a portion of insurance premiums they collect for planting new forests as a way of offsetting the emissions of the cars they issue coverage for.

Another green car insurance program to offset CO2 emission is by launching environmentally friendly projects by teaming up with renewable energy and landfill projects throughout the world.

Some green car insurance companies spend money to help their customers develop a greener driving style by providing them information on the effects of braking and accelerating and other aspects of driving that may contribute to the destruction of our environment.

Green car insurance, aside from giving you protection while you are driving, will give you the chance to give your contribution to the world-wide movement to save our environment.

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