Get Better Gas Mileage & Learn How to Save Money on Gas

One way to save and get by during these times is to seriously consider your gas mileage and how effectively your car actually uses the gas that you purchase. A well-maintained car will give you more miles per gallon than one with a shoddy engine. You can take a few steps to ensure that you get the best mileage per gallon of gas. Our tips range from the simple to the most extreme. Check them out!

First, know how much gas your car is using. Calculate your mileage so you know if there’s need for improvement.

§ Fill up tank

§ Note how many miles you have on your odometer

§ Do your usual business

§ Note odometer miles when you’re near empty (This will be known as X)

§ Fill up tank again

§ Do it all over again

§ Note your odometer again (This will be known as Y)

X – Y / Gallons your car holds = Your miles per gallon or MPG

Once you know how efficient your gas mileage actually is, you can begin to take steps and actually improve your gas use so you can save a lot of money! These simple steps can easily improve your mileage by up to 30%.

§ Fix your car. If you can afford to, fix your car. A car in good working condition uses gas more effectively.

§ Drive well. Aggressive drivers use more gas because they constantly break and lurch forward. Drive defensively. You’ll be safer too. Drive below 60mph to get the full benefits of your gas. The faster you drive, the more gas is used up.

§ Drop that weight. Get rid of bike racks and anything in the trunk that makes your car heavy. Heavier cars use more gas because of simple physics. They’re heavier, so it takes more force to get them moving.

§ Streamline. Racing cars have all that brouhaha for a reason. Streamlined cars lessen wind drag that can make you slower. If you’re thinking of streamlining your car, now is the time. It’s a great investment.

§ Don’t idle. You’re just watching pennies roll out of your exhaust pipe.

§ Don’t use the car. Yes. Park your car and walk to all your chores. Don’t go out of state (unless you have a family vacation planned or something). If you live near state lines, however, you might want to check how much gas is at the neighbor’s. It might be worth a short drive to get cheaper gas there.

§ Buy a new car. If you drive a gas guzzling SUV or a large car, why not consider buying a hybrid car or a new, smaller car with more miles per gallon? It’s a serious investment that you might want to think about.

These tips can help you reduce your gas use and also help you eliminate the unnecessary factors that cause you to lose more money when you pay for your gas. Following these simple tips will give you significantly better mileage and save you money!

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