Gas Cards: The Smarter Alternative to Cash

Using gas cards is smarter than using cash. Here are a few reasons why you should use a gas card to manage your fuel money.

1. It makes life easier for you. It’s easier to pay up with a gas card than cash. Most gas cards offer pay at the pump convenience that you can take advantage. Others offer point and pay services. You come in, point and that’s it! You’re done.

2. It helps you manage your money better. Gas cards help you manage your money. You don’t note down every instance that you spend cash. With credit cards, there’s a record of every single purchase that you make. You can easily see how much your spend, where you spend and even what days you spend the most for gas. This can help you manage your money without the hassle of receipts; everything is shown on one piece of paper every month.

3. It’s super convenient. You don’t need to stop by the ATM before filling up on gas. This means you can just go straight to the station. You don’t need to hunt around for spare change or break that hundred dollar bill you’ve been saving. Just give your credit card, swipe and you’re on your way.

4. You save while you spend. You save a lot of money from the offered rebates and cash backs. This is a smarter way to spend money. Why not earn while you spend? For every gallon you spend on, you can save as much as 10 cents. This translates to hundreds of dollars every year saved on fuel expenses alone. If your business relies heavily on transportation, this can translate to thousands of dollars saved on fuel expenses.

5. You save on other purchases. With 1-2% offers on cash backs and rebates with other purchases besides fuel, you can save on dining out and even when you shop online or in retail stores that accept your card.

6. You get lots of rewards. Spending cash doesn’t earn you miles, free hotel stays or discounts. Some cards offer free auto maintenance and insurance, which is a great benefit that you can easily take advantage of.

7. You can easily see how much your business is spending. Using fleet cards for your vehicles allows you to tally your expenses at the end of the month. It also helps your drivers. They don’t need to lug around large amounts of cash for long trips or fill out receipt forms for later taxes. You can see it all on your statement!

8. You can easily use it to manage the family fuel budget. If it’s unavoidable to use more than one car, you can easily use your card as a way to figure out who needs the most gas and who spends the most in your family. This way you can see how much you spend every single month, on paper in black and white. This is one way for you to know where to slash your budget and when.

These are but a few of the convenient benefits of having your very own gas credit card. You can put your cash to better use and even earn some while using your gas credit card. This is one way that you can save during this gas crisis. With gas prices as high as $4 a gallon, any way you can save is a good way. You can’t beat the convenience of the gas card. Why not use your cash for something more important?

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