Driving Without Insurance Is A Dead End

Driving without vehicle insurance is a bad idea on many levels. Firstly, it is illegal and once one is flagged down and the documents presented are expired would result in heavy fines and even jail time.

Though it may seem like a good way to save by scrimping on auto insurance especially if one has not been involved in any auto mishap or any police intervention. But sooner than later, one would have to face those inevitables if one drives around without insurance.

Insurance is a safety net that hopes not to be used at all. It is for this reason that it may seem to be money ill spent, but once one is involved in some accident, be it a minor or a serious one, the insurance is designed to protect one’s interests. So being lucky means you will always be safe and even if one tries to be safe, in driving there are just too many variables involved that may result in a mishap. When this happens, one would have pay up dearly for those years one did not have insurance coverage. When this happens, one is issued an IN10.

An IN10 is a penalty which imposes a 6 to 8 points on one’s record with a possibility for a ban from driving and a penalty at least £5000. When already has points on the license, one can receive an automatic driving ban. Once convicted if an IN10, insurance would be very difficult to obtain and if one dos find it, the premium would be sky-high. Many insurance companies categorize driving without insurance as an offense similar to drunk driving as both acts result in injuries to parties and damage to property. In this regard, driving without insurance is so heavily penalized nowadays. In addition to this conviction, since there would be damage to property, one would also be liable for a civil suit and if there is injury to a person there would be criminal charges. And compounding one’s woes are the costs of addressing these legal issues. So one would end up facing trial with a vehicle that could not be used due to the damage one’s car had to absorb.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that there is a gap in one’s insurance coverages if one does decide to renew it or if a mishap occurs. If inquired upon, one can fib their way through their application but if found out this would cause more problems than solves them. If there is a misrepresentation on one’s application then if one has a mishap, this discovery can cancel the insurance and forfeit all premiums paid leaving one with no option to pay out of their own pockets. So keeping that fact that one is avoiding the law because of the failure to get insurance makes one all the more paranoid. What needs to be proven that the vehicle is on a public road without insurance and that is sufficient evidence needed to convict. The mere fact of use is sufficient to hinge their case, and there is no defense to the failure to obtain insurance or an oversight as this is not allowed under the law. In the end, the scrimping would do more harm than good in auto insurance coverage.

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