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I’m a cheapskate. Not always, but I do tend to balk at high prices. I try to hunt around for the best deals that give me a good deal for my money. I like to spend on things I really like to spend for. One of the things I hate shelling out cash for is gas. Some days it just feels like highway robbery. This is why I’ve hunted down how to find cheap gas! This site is to help you find a great deal on a gas card and not only that, we give you great tips and tricks to save on your fuel expenses! Let’s be cheapskates! Down with all negative connotations of the word. Check out our tips and be well on your way to become the world’s biggest gas cheapskate.

Here’s how to find cheap gas in your state:

§ By the power of Greyskull, er, Google. Use your resources. Check the Internet for good deals. Many sites offer a list of great ways to find cheap gas in your state. Type cheap gas, press search and you’re on your way to saving a few hundred bucks! That easy!

§ Google Maps rock. Seriously. Enterprising people have marked great spots to find cheap gas. Why not add your own?

§ Watch the news. Forget Deal or No Deal for a moment or two. Gas prices go up and down daily. There’s a slight margin that we follow, it can be as little as 5 cents a gallon. Check out what your patterns are. Here’s a tip for the cheapskate in you: gas is usually cheaper on Wednesdays and more expensive before holidays. Fill up mid-week and at least four days before a major holiday weekend.

§ Subscribe. You can get newsletters, forum posts and updates on your mobile phone about gas prices. Use it wisely! Be up to date about the prices so you know when you can get the best deal!

§ Gas cards. You saw this one coming. Used wisely, gas cards can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year. Where else do you get paid when you pay for gas? Get those cash backs today!

§ Hate credit? Why not try a prepaid fuel card or a gift card? This way you’ve already paid for the gas, it’s simply a matter of using the card up. You’ll be surprised how much easier it will be to keep track of expenses when you use something like this.

§ Plan your routes. Don’t drive around aimlessly looking for that parking spot. Running errands? Do them all on the same day and pass by your friendly neighborhood station to fill up before going home. That way you get everything done.

§ Fill up wisely. Fill up during days that the tanker doesn’t come by. You’ll end up with sludge on your tank. Get a full tank but don’t top it off. You’ll give the next customer free gas that gets stuck in the hose. Make sure your gas cap is tight so the gas doesn’t evaporate.

These simple tips can save you so much on gas that you’ll be happy to be part of the gas cheapskate universe. Start with our gas saving tips and find the cheapest, lowest priced gas in your area. Start saving today!

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