Car Tips – Making Sure That You Are Driving On Good Wheels

Your tyres are very important parts of your vehicle. Just think of it, the tyres are the ones carrying both your weight and the vehicle through all the trips that you will be doing. Aside from carrying you, your passengers and the car itself, the tyres also have to deal with bad road conditions and bumpy, uneven streets. When your tyres are in bad shape, you will surely feel it in the way your car handles. But it is not advisable to just wait until the tyres are already spent and worn out before you give attention to them, a car’s tyres should regularly be checked to make sure that you and your passengers will not be subject to unnecessary dangers.

1. Check what pressure your tyres need. Your car owner’s manual should have this listed. You would find a psi (per square inch) recommendation on the pressure your tyres should contain for optimal performance.

2. Always check your tyre’s air pressure. Sometimes, when you re in a hurry, the tendency is to just jump in the car and drive off without really minding the condition of your car. Just a quick look-see around your car might save you from avoidable trouble on the road.

3. If you think that your tyres are either underinflated or otherwise, get a gauge and find out if you need to fill them with air or deflate them a little. If you do not have a handy air pressure gauge, pass by a gasoline station or a service station to have your tyres checked.

4. If your tyres look threadbare, you might need to have them replaced. To make sure, there should be an indicator on each tyre that would tell you that it’s time to retire this set. Check your car owner’s manual for the indicator’s location. If your tyres are old, they may have yet to be put in with these types of indicators. If you are uncertain about the tread-wear indicator in your tyres, bring your car to the nearest service station and have the mechanics gauge your tyres.

5. When your tyres have uneven wear, you might want to consider bringing it in to a car service center to have your wheel alignment and suspension checked and repaired. Uneven wear can also be caused by inappropriate inflation.

6. Check for any bulges or ruptures in your tyres before and after driving off somewhere. It would be very dangerous for you to keep on driving your vehicle with tyres that have swells on the side walls as this may mean tyre failure which can lead to accidents on the road.

7. Always have your spare tyre in good condition too. In case you find yourself on the road with a flat tyre, you would not want to not have a spare in the trunk, along with the basic tools that you need for changing a flat. Make sure that you know how to properly and safely change tyres.

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