Car Service Centers – What They Offer

All car manufacturers acknowledge the fact that well-cared for vehicles are more reliable and will definitely be in it for the long haul. This is why car owner’s manuals include everything necessary for an owner to know to maintain his vehicle, including schedules for maintenance and replacement. The manual also includes specifications for all the parts of the vehicle that needs to be cleaned or changed during the vehicle’s lifetime. This way, it will be easier for the auto owner to keep hi car in mint condition.

Most manufacturers would also include warranties for the car parts, and in some cases, the dealers and the manufacturers would come to an agreement of warranty extension with the car purchaser. For new car owners, warranties are something that they paid extra for so they need tom make sure that they take advantage of it as much as they can. For the first couple of years, they would follow the schedule of maintenance specified in the car owner’s manual to not lose the privilege of extended warranty.

Aside from the dealership itself, there are service centers that are more than qualified to follow the schedules on your car’s manual. In fact, some of these service centers are even manned by better-skilled technicians, at a lower price of service and parts.

Service centers all over provide services like the following:

1. Air filtration replacement – this is for your air filters which need to be cleaned regularly, and replaced when worn out. This maintenance task makes sure that the car performs better by reducing fumes, pollution, and keeping out dirt and debris from the engine oil, making your car get better mileage, and better acceleration.

2. Cabin Air Filter Maintenance- Just like your engine, you and your passengers will of course want to breathe in clean air too. Luckily, there are more and more car manufacturers that have added a cabin air filter to clean incoming air. It is a pretty simple concept, using static charges to collect dust, and pollen from the air moving inside your car. Since it gathers dirt, then I suppose you know that you will need to get it cleaned regularly.

3. Battery Maintenance – your battery is the life blood of your car and once it conks out on you, you are stuck wherever you have stalled, until a new battery is delivered or your car gets towed. To ensure that your battery performs up to it last drop, you might need an expert technician to look it over, and see whether you need to replace the whole battery or just some of the parts. Typically, battery life runs up to three years, as long as you maintain other parts and functions connected to it, like the battery case, electrolyte levels, alternator belts, connections, voltage, and the starter.

4. Brake System Fluid inspection or replacement – you normally would want to check on the level of brake fluid with every oil change. You will also need to have your braking system checked once in a while since the capability of your vehicle to stop is very vital to you.

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