Car Safety – What Are The Things To Look For

Your car can be considered your second (or third, depending) home. This is why you need to be sure that your vehicle is safe, for you and for all the other people that ride in it. If you use your vehicle to transport your children to school everyday, the more pertinent it is to check your automobile’s safety equipment.

Airbags are a big issue in safety; at direct impact, your car’s airbags should launch to keep you and your front seat passenger from hitting the dashboard.

Not all people know about this, but your vehicle’s head rest is actually a head restraint, a protective tool against whiplash resulting from high impact accidents. If you think that when the car is delivered to you that the head restraint is already at its correct position, you may be wrong. If you do not know how to adjust your head rest, ask the dealer or the car manufacturer about it. Ideally, the head rest should be positioned properly by lowering or raising it. The restraint should be no lower than the eye level of the person sitting. Meanwhile, the gap between the head rest and the person’s head should be no more than 10 centimeters when sitting normally. Make sure you follow these guidelines to avoid or prevent serious injuries to the head and spine caused by whiplash.

Aside from your front fog lights, your vehicle should also have high intensity rear fog lights. This is to alert the driver behind you that you and your vehicle are upfront in case of heavy fog, snow or rain. High intensity rear fog lights make sure that you are visible from a longer distance, which makes it safer since the driver following you can be alerted of your presence before it becomes too late to slow down or to stop. Even f you do have brake lights, rear fog lights should still be there to maximize safety during bad road conditions. Fog, snow, and heavy rain accidents can be avoided by high conspicuity; it may even save your life and the lives of others.

One other safety equipment that is sometimes neglected or taken for granted is the seatbelt. It is quite disappointing to find out that though there have been so many reports of serious injuries or even death because of defaulting on using seatbelts, there are still many drivers who insist on not wearing their safety belts. About half of the deaths associated with car accidents could actually have been prevented by utilizing the seatbelt. Just imagine, if you are running really fast and you suddenly see a wall materialize in front of you, how do you plan on stopping and not hitting it? Chances are, you would not be able to stop in time, meaning you collide with the wall and you get yourself all bruised. Now, if you had some from of harness, it could have lessened the impact or even stopped you from hitting the wall all together.

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