Car Maintenance And Repairs – How Do You Know If Your Tires Are In Trouble?

The condition of a car’s tires is very important in the safety of a vehicle. As a car owner, you need to be aware of how your tires are doing before you even take your vehicle out for a drive. Regularly check your car’s tires to prevent any accidents from happening. Car tires affect every thing – and it is your duty to spend time on checking your car’s tires to ensure your safety, and the safety of your family or any other passenger who will take a ride with you.

You do not even have to spend so much time in the vital task of checking your car tires. Before driving off to work each morning, and before going home every afternoon, check your car tires for obvious signs of distress. The easiest to spot would be a flat, but here are other things that you should look out for when inspecting your tires.

If your car’s tires suffer have cracks or cuts in the sidewalls, or are showing uneven tread wear (some parts are more worn out or thread bare than others), have it inspected by an auto service center. These conditions can be caused by suspension parts trouble, inappropriate inflation, or misalignment.

When your car tires have reached their most worn out state, you will need to have them replaced. Car tires have tread-wear indicators that tell you when they have reached the minimum allowable tread depth. If you do not know how an indicator looks like, wait for your tires to wear out, you’ll see these indicator bars for sure.

Tread wear indicators are part of current tire models and may not be an available feature on older tires. Ask the tire shop where you got your latest tires from and ask about it. If your tires do not have this feature, you can ask for tread wear gauges in any auto parts shop and tire stores.

Another cause to worry when inspecting your tires is a bulge that may be found on side walls, or a small eruption on the tire. Either of the two can signal complete tire failure that can lead to accidents. You should immediately replace the tire with your spare before driving it to the nearest tire shop so that it can get inspected or replaced.

Mentioning spares, regular check ups of tires should include looking at your spare tire too. It would be very unfortunate if you find yourself needing to change a failed tire and no spare tire to use.

Wheel misalignment or tire imbalance can easily be detected by the way your vehicle handles on the road. If you feel that your car sways too much or you feel a wiggle when you drive, it’s time to bring your car in to a car service center.

Regular checking of tires should be considered a chore you need to do before bringing your vehicle anywhere. If tire failure happens on the road, you can get yourself hurt, along with other people that may be with you .

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