Car Insurance – Tips To Save More

Car insurance is just one of the things that responsible car owners should never overlook. However, some folks seems to spend a little too much over it. Without seriously realizing the difference, car owners can actually save up about $1000 if they only knew better with regards to car insurances. Yes, its that huge and this article will help you out get back some of that huge amount.

Today, there are just a lot of cars to name – some more popular than the others. Car’s prestige and popularity can be due to some factors such as – how established the manufacturer, fuel efficiency, how safe the car is and how trendy it looks. Very few people really though about how much more a car would cost them on insurance premiums over the next few years. If only realizing this issuer sooner and taking note of it, buyers can save a huge amount by simply opting for a similar car by another manufacturer. Just to let you know, similar cars could be worlds apart when it comes to insurance premiums. Check out this list of cars with the lowest premiums – from the least expensive to insure (Taken from Reuters News Service based on the 20 best-selling vehicles at the time of the study):

1. Chrysler Town & Country
2. Chevrolet Cobalt
3. Dodge Caravan
4. Chevrolet Impala
5. Ford Taurus
6. Ford Econoline
7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
8. Chevrolet Malibu
9. GMC Sierra Pickup
10. Toyota Corolla

Now here’s the list of the most expensive cars to insure, from the most expensive item:

1. Ford F-Series
2. Dodge Ram Pickup
3. Ford Explorer
4. Honda Civic
5. Chevrolet Silverado-C/K Pickup
6. Toyota Camry
7. Honda Accord
8. Chevrolet Trailblazer
9. Nissan Altima
10. Ford Focus

Now you must realize that choosing a similar car in the right group can easily save you a lot. However, it still depends whether you are really after the certain car model, and for many of us, pricing is also an important factor.

Though the list does not contain all the cars in the world, the point really is that you have to take into consideration what you’ll need to pay as premiums before you decide which one. It will still be up to you to check if it’s really right to get a particular car when a similar one will give you hundred dollars less in insurance premiums.

Know the exact difference so that you can weigh your options better. Ask for different quotes of similar car makes from online car insurance companies and compare which will be less expensive and what factors made it cheaper. It will only take a while for you to decide once you’ve seen your options and made your choice.

And finally, for people who already have their own cars, it may interest you to know that only when you follow certain steps will you be certain that you really paying a few dollars more than what you should be paying.

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