Automotive Convenience – Yes! You Can Buy Tires Online

The online market really has everything you need. As a vehicle owner, you are aware that your tires need replacement every couple of years for some, about four years for bigger tires. You will find any variety of car tires you need through the internet, plus you can compare prices in the comforts of your office or your home.

The first step in buying your car tire is to know exactly what type you need. Tires are usually replaced in sets of two’s or four’s, plus the spare if you have already damaged that too. The car manufacturer of course has thought of this and you will find their recommendation in the car owner’s manual. If you have lost the manual, you can contact the manufacturer or the dealer about this, or you can check the tires you have.

The parameters of the tire is printed on the side of the tires; you will need to list down traction ratings, tread wear, load and pressure limits, ply construction, DOT, speed rating, load index, wheel diameter, radial designation, aspect ratio, tire width, and the vehicle application.

The side markings on your tire are made up of different numbers and letters. For example 175/70 R 13 82 T would mean:

175 is the section width in mm (that’s the tire tread)

70 is the aspect ratio in percentage

R means radial – the ply construction type in this case

13 is the rim diameter in inches

82 is the load index

T is the speed rating

You’ll also find a three digit code on the side. This indicates the month and year of manufacture, or basically how old the tire is. A marking of 089 means the tire was produced in August of the year 1999.

For vehicle application, you may find markings that indicate M or S or M&S meaning mud and snow tires.

You’ll also see a code that looks like this: DOT DVDE MTA 089. That’s for where the tire was manufactured.

If you get confused in the middle of jotting that information down, just copy it as is and show it to someone else who understands it, like the nearest auto parts shop near you. While you are there, ask how much the tires would cost so you’ll have an amount to compare to the prices of tires online.

Before you purchase tires, make sure that you have done enough shopping around and price comparisons. Also make sure that you have asked about, or clearly understand warranties and guarantees.

When buying tires online, know hoe the tires will be delivered to you and if mounting them will be included in the fee you will pay. Some will inevitably charge extra for this but would trick you into not noticing that small bit of information until after you have signed up.

For peace of mind and safety, after the new set of wheels has been mounted, go to your preferred service center and have the tires fitted and balanced. It would be best to have an alignment test also. Be sure to rotate the wheels every so often.

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