Automobile Maintenance And Repair – Have A Car That Keeps On Jiggling?

Here’s What You Can Do

Aside from the oil price hike we experience every week, vehicle owners also have to contend with the rising prices of auto parts and services. Thankfully there are ways to get discounts and small rebates on credit card purchases but this is not enough to cover the increase in costs of having your car fixed.

But, every vehicle owner knows that as a car ages, so does all its parts and functions. This makes it more vulnerable to problems and troubles that need to be addresses immediately lest it becomes permanent and irreversible, or before it damages other vehicle parts and functions.

One of the parts of a car that suffers from wear and tear and need to be replaced periodically are the car’s shock absorbers. Normally, shock absorbers could last twenty to thirty thousand miles of travel. Paired with the shocks are the strut cartridges that typically wear down after forty to sixty thousand miles of driving. Generally, strut cartridges are found on the front while shock absorbers are on the rear of the vehicle.

Another cause of discomfort for vehicle owners are noises that can be heard when driving over road bumps. These banging noises may be caused by loose shock absorber mounts. This can be because of nuts and bolts that have loosened and may be inspected by just looking under your car.

Signs of worn down shock absorbers, strut cartridges, and loosened mounts are banging noises, too much bounce, and excessive swaying when making a turn. Tires can also get affected as they wear out unevenly.

If you have the guts and skills to do your own maintenance work on your vehicle, you can replace your shocks and struts and tighten bolts by yourself. The tools you would need are pretty basic, plus a sturdy pair of jack stands, and of course, your trusty car owner’s manual. This would take around a day and a half of you in the garage.

If you are doing this for the first time, you will probably need a friend who is learned in car parts to help you out. Replacing strut cartridges is a bit dangerous and may result to injuries if done haphazardly. Some strut cartridges are mounted inside coil springs and may require a disassembly of the steering mechanism connection. Other struts though are less complicated to replace because they are mounted outside the coil springs. You can check your owner’s manual to see which type your vehicle has. If it’s the more complicated kind, you can just choose to bring your car to a service station to avoid any accidents or damages to your person or the vehicle.

A piece of advice: you will need to be quite organized when you are maintaining or repairing your vehicle. Nut and bolts can easily roll and get lost under so many things inside the garage. You will also need to ensure your safety all the time.

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