What to Look for in a Gas Card

If you’ve decided to invest in a gas credit card, you might be a bit confused about how many types of cars are available on the market. There are so many offers and types of cards that you might just throw up your hands to say: “No more! I give up!” Being smart about your gas cards will eventually save you more money than just applying for the first one you see.

1) Find terms and conditions that are right for you. Reading the terms and conditions can easily explain everything that you need to know about the card. Look for things like annual or monthly fees and clauses for APR. Some providers will jack up your interest if you’re late even once, so check and see before you sign up. If you have already, remember to read all the mail they send you. They can change terms without warning, so as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

2) Look for a low or zero percent interest rate. Most cards offer low initial interest for the first six months to a year before they give you the normal interest rate. If you have a good credit rating, this shouldn’t be a worry. If you don’t, look for balance transfer options so that if your interest is higher than you want, you can transfer the remaining balance to a lower interest card so that it’ll be easier for you to pay off in case you do have some money remaining on the card.

3) Look for a steady cash bank percentage. Some cards offer as high as a 10% cash back for the first few months then lower it later on. Other cards offer a steady rate. You might not be happy with a high cash back rate at first then a lower one (sometimes it can go as low as 3%). However, most introductory rates are great discounts and even if they get lowered, you’re still getting a great benefit with whatever rate you get later on! You’re still getting money back from what you spend.

4) Look for a gas card that is affiliated. Most gas stations have an affiliate credit provider. If you frequent one company, why not get a card that is affiliated with them? It will be easier for you later on and you’ll be getting more benefits as a cardholder because you’re a regular customer.

5) Know what your benefits are. Know when you can cash it and cash in when you can. That way you can get the best out of your agreement. If your card has good rewards, why not take advantage of them. Your credit card company gives these kinds of rewards for a reason and you can easily call the number on the back to inquire about it.

Knowing these things can get you the best gas card deal. That way you can save money and take advantage of all the benefits of being a gas card holder. The pennies you save at the pump will turn into dollars and these dollars can go up to hundreds and thousands.

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