Some Tips For Vacationing On A Budget

In these times of high gas prices and financial recession, taking a vacation may seem to be a bad if not stupid idea. But taking a vacation is needed for one to be able to recharge one’s batteries and repair one’s nerves in the dog eat dog business world. So taking a vacation is important for one’s well-being. So how can one be able to take a break on a tight budget yet enjoy the rewards in store for a vacation? Here are some ways to go about enjoying one’s vacation using a gas card.

1) Plan your trip
The first and most effective way to take a vacation is by planning your trip. This means finding the schedule where lowest cost may occur (off season or off peak). Purchasing necessary items months before the actual trip would actually help in saving expenses because the spiraling cost would be avoided. If using a motor vehicle, planning your route including what stops to make would also prepare you to project your expenses in a budget that needs to be observed when the vacation is taken.

2) Use the rebates on the card
In credit cards, especially gas cards, companies offer rebates if the use of the credit is made for car or car related expenses. Thus, one is able to accumulate points or rebates with the use of the card for everyday expenses such as gas purchases for the commute to and from work. Come vacation time, one need only call the credit card company hot line to inform them of the use of the rebates. This rebate use, called encashment can be made use for hotel accommodations and/or hotel amenities or in purchasing airline tickets. So long as one is fully informed on how to use the rebates for vacation expenses, then one can enjoy the benefits without much expense.

3) Use for emergencies only
When already on the vacation, by planning the budget and encashment of the rebates, one should be able to take a vacation. But along the way, the temptations do arise, such as the new fly and tackle available on the market or that new swimsuit out on display, that makes one purchase out of the budget thus screwing up the details of the well planned trip. So as a reminder, if on a budget, use the credit card or assume make new purchases only in times of emergency. This calls for great fiscal discipline and will power to achieve, but can be achieved. Remember, the vacation is to smoothen out the ravaged self, and if one creates a further financial problem, then the supposed gains will not be achieved.

Having a gas card can help in planning and taking a vacation. Firstly, by planning the expenses, the gas card becomes a tool in achieving the budget laid out for the trip. Also, in using the accumulated benefits and rebates of the card, then this is an additional infusion of usable income which can be beneficial without additional cost on one’s part. And finally, discipline in the use of the card during the trip would go a long way in making the vacation well worth it.

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