Selections To Apply For Gas Cards

Not many people know the essence of gas cards. If only they will apply for gas cards – for sure, they will feel how great it is to save money and spend on more gas without hampering your budget. With that, let’s take a quick tour on what makes gas cards useful to car owners.

Gas cards are one of the best methods purchase gas without having to spend so much. When you use your card to spend on gas, the credit card company or the gasoline station (that also issues gas cards of their own) rewards you with rebates, depending on the percentage given to a company. Most bank card companies offer 5% rebates off on gas purchases, and also give 1% on all other purchases. Other gas cards, like Shell gas cards or BP gas cards, are individual cards that must be used only in specific gasoline stations. They also give great rewards such as merchandise, free maintenance, and free gas.

For a more traditional feel, you can apply for gas cards that works just like any other credit cards. Such cards are being issued with bigger bank companies such as Visa, Citibank, MasterCard, and more. These companies issue two different types of gas cards: a secured and unsecured gas cards. Either both gas cards are useful, wherever you want to use it. Let’s explain more what these two gas cards are.

A secured gas card is like a prepaid credit card wherein you can load up your card with any amount, and use that card to pay with gas. Aside from loading, you can also link your previous ban account to your gas card. The best thing about this card though, is that there are no interest rates since every purchase is deducted directly to your bank account. The bad thing though is when there is no credit left, leaving you with a balance.

The unsecured gas card, are those that charge your purchases through a loan in the bank, and you had to pay the balance every monthly. Because this card is called “unsecured,” there are added interests rates and other fees that you have to pay.

Since you already figured out the different types of gas cards, it’s up to you to apply for gas cards. Be smart when making decisions regarding on applying, and pick the best gas cards one among the rest. You will surely feel like you have won a million bucks when you choose the right one.

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