Rebuild your Credit with Gas Credit Cards

We’re only human. Not all of us have a fantastic credit score. Life can get in the way. Most of the time it’s not your fault in the first place, there are many circumstances that can lead to a bad credit score. You get a couple of late fees and bam, your interest rate goes and you’re left in the dust. If you want to fix up your credit or would like to save some money without harming your credit rating, don’t worry. There are credit cards available for people with less than perfect credit.

Why should you get a gas card? It’s one way to cut down on your monthly expenses. It’s also another way to get some money back. Most gas cards offer a rebate or cash back rate for every purchase made with the card. These can run to other purchases besides gas. So you can save on other daily purchases as well. Most of these cards are low interest as well, so you can use it to actually help your credit score instead of hurting it.

But how can I apply for a new credit card with my credit as it is, you might want to ask. Won’t they reject me? The key here is to apply for a card that is made specifically for you. Don’t apply for a high credit score card, you’ll just get frustrated.

Many credit card companies have cards available for rebuilding credit. These cards are often secured; you have to pay a cash deposit to use them. It might sound unfair but credit card companies use this as a way of ensuring the card especially if you have a history of non-payment. Look for a card with low or mid APR and divide that by 12, this will give you how much interest you will pay per month if you have a balance on the card. A 19% APR may sound impossible, but this gives you around 1.5% interest monthly which only applies if you have a balance. Use this card wisely and watch your credit score go up. Some credit cards even offer a free monthly report to the credit bureaus that can save you the time and trouble of rebuilding your credit manually.

Using your credit card and other gas saving tips can easily help you to save thousands of dollars every year on your total gas expenses. Expense management need not be through the credit card alone. If you find a lower interest card, why not take advantage of a balance transfer offer and transfer a larger balance from a higher interest card? This will help you pay it off more easily.

Even if you have bad credit, you still have the right to the rewards and other benefits that the card can offer you. Bad credit doesn’t mean no credit. You can easily take advantage of different rebates and cash back rates and save yourself money on gas expenses.

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