How to Reduce Your Gasoline Consumption

Reducing your use of gasoline isn’t just a way to help you save some money. Of course, at $4 a gallon, you must be crazy not to try to save some money. You’re not even sure that it’s going to stay that way, sometimes even the littlest threat of war drives gas up so high between one day and the next. It’s basically highway robbery at the gas station, without the trains and masked bandits. So finding out how to reduce or even eliminate your gas consumption can actually save you thousands of dollars every year!
Here are some ways for you to reduce your use of gasoline, save some money and maybe even change your life a bit.

1) Walk. Yes, walk. Put on those sneakers. If you’re used to driving around, this is one way that you can get some daily exercise. If you live near your workplace, why not walk to work? If you have a long drive every day, avoid traffic prone areas or park at the town and walk to your building. This will save you gas later on if you have to do errands. If you hate walking, why not bike or rollerblade? There are many ways that you can get to work and get fit at the same time!

2) Commute, carpool and make use of public transportation. Although this is a bit of a hassle if you are used to driving, you’ll forget the hassle when you realize how much you’re saving on gas money.

3) Combine your errands. Try to do all your errands in one day and in one place. This way you only spend gas money for going and coming home. If you have a doctor’s appointment, try to schedule a dental appointment in the same building. If you’re heading to the grocery, why not do all that you need to do? You might even save more on groceries in the long run.
4) Plan your routes. Check maps and figure out the shortest, sweetest route to work or to where you’re going. If you’re going out of town or out of state, check your GPS or maps or even the Internet for the fastest ways to get there. That will save you a lot of money and gas if you take the most effective route to where you’re going.

5) Don’t drive gas guzzlers. Yes, it’s great to drive up in your Hummer or GMC truck but imagine how much you’re spending on gas to keep it moving. Why don’t you invest in a smaller, more fuel efficient car? You’ll save a lot more. Why not try a hybrid or electric car? Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be saving the environment!

6) Drive well. Don’t drive aggressively. Driving aggressively actually consumes more gas. Don’t idle. Your engine still consumes gas even if you’re not moving so shut it off if you’re waiting for longer than a few minutes.

7) Tighten your cap. This is a simple piece of advice that many people forgot. A loose gas cap allows your gas to evaporate faster, especially on hot days. If it’s loose, replace it.

Following these simple tips can help you reduce your gasoline consumption, save you money and even improve your health!

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