Getting Three Months Car Insurance

Car insurance normally covers a one year or a six month period. A three month coverage insurance is quite rare to find and therefore difficult to obtain. However, there is now a trend that insurance companies issue a three month coverage for special reasons or situations. While you have to answer so many questions on why you need a three month insurance coverage, it is not impossible anymore to get one.

Car insurance coverage for a ninety day period is often times resorted to by people who intend to use their vehicle only for three months or less. This is the insurance coverage taken by people who rent vehicles for an extended holiday trip. A three month car insurance coverage provide the same protection and security just like the regular six month or one year insurance plan minus the cost if you have to take a longer coverage when you are using the vehicle only for a limited period of time. However, one must be extra cautious when getting a short term vehicle insurance policy. The fine prints must carefully be examined as it could contain provisions or terms that are disadvantageous to the insured. You need to ask questions when confused with the terms of the policy or when you feel that something is not clearly explained. You will be paying with your hard earned money so you must be sure of what you are getting into.

There are small insurance companies that offer this short term policy to motorists but you cannot be sure of how they operate. It is not farfetched that these insurance companies will just close shop or plainly disappear days or weeks after you obtain an insurance policy from there. It is recommended therefore that you deal only with big and reputable insurance companies. Some little known companies might offer extraordinarily low premium for their short term insurance coverage. It will be prudent to remember that when something sounds too good to be true, most likely it is not.

Dealing with established and reputable insurance companies for your three month insurance coverage may cost some dimes more but the extra money will be worth it. Established insurance companies can provide you with the exact protection and security cover that you need. You can get the necessary coverage for a rented car to be used on a family holiday trip. You can get the necessary medical coverage needed in the eventuality of an accident and the damage coverage for any collision. You can enjoy your holiday trip more if you have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle and the passengers thereof are well protected and covered by the three month insurance that you obtained from an established and reputable insurance company.

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