Find the Lowest Gas Prices

These days with gas prices at $4 a gallon, you bet we’re looking for the best deals that you can have. It’s important to find the lowest priced gas in your immediate area. It’s a major difference—it can differ by as much as 20 cents even if the stations are just a few blocks from each other. Imagine the savings that you can get. Shaving a few cents per gallon gives you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later on!

There are a lot of ways to save on your gas expenses everyday. The little things that you do can save you money and make your life easier. Why spend so much on gas when you can spend on better, more important things? Here a few tips and tricks and some secrets to help you get the best deals in your neighborhood and save that money!

§ Shop around for the cheapest gas station around. Yes, gas prices can differ by as much as 10 cents between blocks. Try looking around your neighborhood or town for the cheapest deals on gas. Finding gas stations that are off the beaten track can help you save a lot of money. Try not to buy from service centers near the freeway or high traffic areas, these are certain to have higher gas prices than other gas and service stations.

§ Maintain your car. I cannot stress this enough. Maintaining your car is the best way that you can improve your gas mileage and improve fuel efficiency. Keeping your tires well inflated, for instance, can help improve your mileage by 4%. A well-kept engine burns fuel more efficiently, it doesn’t have to work so hard to get the gas in and burn it.

§ Drop some weight. Junk in the trunk adds up to more fuel used. This is because a heavier car burns more fuel than a lighter one. If you’re not using the stuff in the backseat, remove it. If your trunk is full of yesterday’s detritus, clean it out. Less weight can improve your gas.

§ Know when to get gas. There are days and weeks when gas is cheaper. Knowing when to get gas can help you cut down on fuel expenses. Get gas when it’s cool (so it doesn’t evaporate) but not too cold (so it doesn’t expand). Don’t get gas when the tanker is there. Dirt and gunk gets stirred up and can come in through the hose with the gas, so you’re paying for dirt.

§ Park wisely. If you can, park in shady spots so your tank isn’t hot and won’t evaporate. Park in the first slot that you see, no matter how far the walk is. You can waste up to a liter of gas just driving around a parking lot.

§ Get a gas card. A gas card can help you get the lowest prices for gas. Some gas cards offer discounts and rebates on the spot when you pay for gas. Others offer cash backs and rebates at the end of the month. This can go up to 10 cents a gallon, that’s $5 for every 50 gallons that you fill up. What other thing pays you even when you pay for gas.

§ Join clubs. Places like Costco and Wal-mart have clubs where you pay a membership fee and they get you great big discounts on gas and other purchases. If you frequent places like this, why not consider becoming a member and taking advantage of their offer?

Finding the lowest gas prices is easy, as long as you do a little research and take a little time to find the method that best suits you. Low gas prices aren’t the reality, but you can make them be your reality.

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