Changing Your Vehicle’s Oil Yourself- What You Need

Every vehicle owner knows that changing oil in a car’s engine is a vital component of automobile maintenance.  An oil change service is a big part of auto services’ overall scheme to get profits.  What would you say if you can actually learn to change oil yourself? You will probably save on a lot of money and the time you spend on getting your car to the service center and waiting for it to finish can e used on changing the oil yourself in the comforts of your own home.  You will feel more satisfied that you accomplished this maintenance task without a professional.  You will also get a lot of discounts on the purchases that you will make for the chore if you have a gas credit card that offers cash backs or discounts.

Also, you would not need to have to deal with service centers that try to rip you off with lower quality oil and exorbitant service fees. It is sort of like cooking your own food; you know what goes into what you eat if you prepare the meal yourself.  Your car’s engine is surely happier to be on the right diet of motor oil that your car manufacturer recommended.

So what are the things you need to purchase with your gas credit card for this task?

  • Oil

Not all oils are created for the type of engine you have so you’ll need to consult your car owner’s manual for the motor oil used for your vehicle at the time of purchase. If you do not have the manual with you, you can call up the dealer’s service crew and ask the appropriate grade.  There is also available help online with motor oil producers that could categorize the proper grade for your automobile.  Of course they will probably recommend their own brand but you can check out other motor oils that are equally reliable as long as you know the proper oil grade you require.

  • Oil Filter

You car’s oil filter essentially strains dust and debris, and all other sorts of impurities from the oil that your engine uses. You can clean this out but it would be better for you to replace it too.  Do not worry, oil filters are inexpensive and would not even cost you $5.

  • Oil filter wrench

You will need something to take out the filter with and wrenches do have different sizes.  However, if you have more than one vehicle, there is a big possibility that the oil filter sizes would be different so get an adjustable wrench.   You can fit the filter when you purchase a wrench from different auto parts shop so you would not have to return home and then go back to the store just when you are about ready to start the job.

  • Safety glasses

Oil is not compatible with your eyes and you would not want to go blind anytime soon.  Beside there are other parts or liquids that might fall or drip on you while you are working, so be safe.

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