Car Smarts – Choosing A Car Wisely

So maybe you fell in love at first sight at that gorgeous red car in the auto dealership and have decided to buy it as a gift to yourself. However, have you considered looking into its safety features – the way it has been designed to make sure that you are safe and sound inside your vehicle no matter what happens? This is not to say that you need to purchase a bullet proof car; that would be too much, except if you are a high profile individual who receives death threats as soon as you wake up. What you need to keep in mind is that no matter how awesome a car looks, it would not save you from death in case of a really bad car crash.

The safety of a vehicle goes three ways; one is for your own person, the second for your passengers, and the third is for the other people and property outside your vehicle. For your own safety, you need to look at other things aside from the safety seatbelts your car has installed. For instance, if you are a lady driver, you might want to have second thoughts in purchasing a vehicle that does not offer security inside and outside a stationary vehicle. Car alarms are a must, as with automatic locking systems. Moreover, a remote key, or your key itself should only unlock one car door – the driver’s. It is quite easy for thieves and such unscrupulous human beings to walk with you unnoticed and then slip into your vehicle as soon as you push the remote key or unlock your vehicle. If you have other possessions in the vehicle, you would not be able to stop the thief from opening a car door and snatching up your belongings as soon as you unlock your vehicle.

You should also take a look into the vehicles other safety features such as airbags. Traditionally, airbags have just been put on the front dashboard of the vehicle which only protects you (the driver) and your front seat passenger in case of a head on collision. However, newer makes and models have introduced side airbags which offer better protection. Also, you should ask about the proper positioning and adjustments of safety seatbelts and head rests. You may not know this, but your car’s head rests also have a part in protecting your life. But if you do not know how to use it properly, then it would not be able to fulfill this role. Seatbelts should be adjustable to your body type. To become truly effective, seatbelts should be placed across the lap, and across the mid shoulder.

For your passenger’s safety, you car should be equipped with adjustable safety seatbelts and headrests even for the backseat passengers. If you have young kids that would be riding with you, male sure that the car you buy would allow for infant seats and booster seats and would be able to safely harness such devices. Volvo has recently introduced an automobile which boasts of a built in, adjustable booster cushion, making it safer to strap in your 4 year old to 8 year old kid into the seat. As much as possible, stay away from vehicles that only offer lap straps for middle seats.

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