Car Maintenance Tips – How Do You Keep Your Car Clean?

Your vehicle is your buddy; it is your ticket to getting everywhere you want and need to go. In return, you should be able to keep your car in mint condition. It is not only via regular tune ups and visits to a service station can you ensure the upkeep of your car; you should also regularly clean it inside and out.

The inside of your car is very important; you might be spending a lot of hours of your life in it anyway. Keeping the interior of your car tidy and always looking new could be beneficial to you in the long run, especially when you show it off to prospective buyers. Maintaining the tidiness of the interiors is not such a hard job and you avoid damaging your car’s interior with dirt and stains that may be impossible to take out once ignored for a long time.

To keep your car mess-free and stain free, follow these simple tips.

1. De-clutter. Take out everything that is inside your car right now and throw away trash that you forgot was there. Group the stuff that you cannot throw away and decide which ones you need to put back in the house and the ones that need to be kept inside the vehicle. You do not need a bunch of paper clips in there so put those back in the office. The things that you might need to keep in the glove compartment would be your car owner’s manual, your car’s registration, a map, a flashlight, emergency contact numbers, and your sun glasses. In the trunk, you need to keep your toolbox, water, and motor oil. If you are the travelling type, check the overnight bag you carry with you and see whether you need to put in fresh sets of clothes and toiletries. Prepare an emergency kit too that contains first-aid tools.

2. Sweep, wipe, and vacuum. There are small brooms that have hard plastic bristles and dustpans that you can buy to use inside the car. These can easily pick up loose dirt and small pieces of paper or bits of junk on the floor. Wipe all interior mirrors and windshields, your dashboard, and your compartments. Ash trays should be emptied, washed and dried. Vacuum the floors, the ceiling and the seats. Before putting back the floor mats, shake off the dirt and vacuum them too.

3. Trash bin and portable organizer. To keep from messing up your car again, buy a small trash bin and set it on the floor of the passenger’s side. For other stuff that might get carried into the car, such as pens, brochures, or your kid’s dolls, hang an organizer behind the seat for easy stashing.

The last tip is that you clean out your car regularly. Since your car is part of your everyday life, it is inevitable to you build up another stockpile of unnecessary items n the car. If you sort them out frequently, it would be an easier and less tedious task.

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