Automotive Maintenance And Saving – How To Save On Fuel Consumption

With the rising prices of fuel in the world market, it is inevitable that people start becoming aware of the need to save on their gas consumption.  People are scrambling to learn the ropes of commuting since it might be more cost efficient, while some are organizing car pools. This is also why there have been so much advise floating around about how to beat the oil price hike, some of them true, some not.

Here are some of the more reliable tips on conserving fuel and improving the general consumption ability of your engine.

1.     Don’t try too fast.  Driving with your behind stuck to the seat might be exciting, but when your fuel gets excited, it burns faster.  There is sense behind the posted speed limits- aside from keeping you out of accidents; they also help you save on fuel.

2.    The cruise control is an efficient tool for keeping your speed constant and will aid in decreasing fuel usage

3.    You know that o/d icon on you dashboard? Always turn it on when you are on a highway.  These are overdrive gears that improve the way your car uses up the fuel.

4.    Learn to be very aware of traffic situations.  Avoid tailgating since when you brake and accelerate too frequently, your car’s gas consumption efficiency is lowered by 5%-10%

5.    Do not keep junk from your last year’s trip in the trunk.  Carrying the weight of unneeded items is like having some person keep on riding with you, without splitting the gas costs.

6.    Turn off your engine even if you’re just waiting outside a convenience store.  Save on fuel, and stop polluting the air.

7.    Plan your go-fer-ing.  Errands should be scheduled so you do not have to go back and forth the same store or area.

8.    Know the right octane level for your car.  Different cars require different octane levels, and the higher the octane, the more expensive fuel is

9.    Get you car to the service shop.  Cars in poor engine condition will most definitely increase your fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

10.    Get your car wheels checked for alignment and right inflation.

11.    Oil changes are very important to keep your engines clean, therefore functioning more efficiently.  So change your oil!

12.    Ever heard of pollutants?  They not only cause allergies in you but could also damage internal engine components.  Keep your car’s nose (air filters) clean and change them regularly.

13.    Get a fuel efficient automobile.

Last but not the least, obtain a gas card, they can be very helpful.  Gas cards, whether prepaid or a gas credit card, are bound to assist you in your search for fuel savings.  There are a variety of gas cards around that offer rebates, cash backs, discounts on auto parts, discounts on automotive service and maintenance, plus points for purchases made in gas station convenience stores.

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