Auto Repair And Maintenance – How To Spot An Amateur Mechanic

There have been many stories about car repairs and maintenance getting bungled up by amateur hands. Chances are, you probably have been a victim of this kind of rip off too. You would not want this ever happening to you, or your friends and family again. How do you spot an amateur?

1. Know your vehicle. This is a vital advice that you really need to follow. Get your car owner’s manual and read it from cover to cover. Know what is inside the manual so that you can easily refer to it for guidance during maintenance or repairs.

2. If the mechanic you have chosen to do the repairs on your vehicle contradicts what is stated in your car owner’s manual, you had better get a second opinion before you let him touch any part of your vehicle again.

3. Be a proactive car owner. Always ask questions about what is going to happen to your car, what services will be rendered, and how much it would cost. Tell the mechanic to list down all the parts that are needed, the brand, and the cost. Have him list everything down in an order form. Check out the prices of the parts over the internet. If the charge is way off the market cost, then its time you look for another mechanic.

4. Also, make sure that you understand what the car mechanic is telling you about your vehicle. Do not be too timid to have him explain points that seem to vague for you. If he begins to get irritated or starts dodging your questions by giving short answers, you are probably better off with another service center.

5. If you notice that the car mechanic starts embellishing on the damages your car has, always ask for a second opinion from a different service center. The mechanic may just be gearing you for more repairs and maintenance jobs to profit from you even if the car does not really need the repairs he mentioned.

6. After the repair or maintenance work is done, check the official billing against the job order form you had earlier. Question any discrepancies and if the mechanic fails to satisfy your queries, ask them to take it off the billing. If they do not agree, ask a legal representative on actions that you may take.

7. If the repair has been done and then you notice that something is still not right, go to a different mechanic or service center and get an opinion. Before you go back to the service center that did the repair or maintenance work, make sure that you have your facts in order and that you can explain the problem fully.

8. If the service center says that other repairs and maintenance work should be done on your vehicle, find another service center. If they tried to make more money out of you, they are not going to get it.

When going through car repaired and maintenance work, always make sure that you remember your consumer rights and practice it.

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