A Good Fuel Card

When people talk about saving money because of the economic downturn we are currently facing, the topic inevitably goes to gasoline consumption as it is major item in every person’s budget. Gasoline is necessary to get to work, to school, or any place where we make business or perform our day to day activities. While people did not bother in the past to calculate the amount of money they were putting into their gas tank, everybody now is pinching pennies when it comes to gas fill up. All manners of saving money on gas purchases had been thought of by everybody and different schemes come up on how to save on that very precious liquid.

Gas companies have come up with many ideas on how to attract customers and one of them is issuing gas card that gives rebates to the cardholder. The gas cards come in different forms as follows:

• Open gas card – This type of card works like an ordinary credit card that can be used to purchase any merchandise in establishments where they are accepted. When this card is used to pay for gas in the pump, the cardholder receives rebates or cash backs that are accumulated and will then be reflected in the credit card bill. The advantage of this type of gas card is that it can be used to purchase gas in any gas station of any gas company, giving you the same percentage of rebate. A good example is Discover Open Road that gives a 5% cash back on gas purchase in any gas station.

• Gas Company Credit Card – This type of credit card, sponsored by a gas company like Chevron-Texaco can be used only to purchase gas from the gas company that issued the card. It cannot be used in gas stations that are operated by another gas company. The Chevron-Texaco Basic Card will give you a $5 monthly credit if you fill up your tank in their gas stations using such card at least twice in every billing period. Other gas company cards, like Shell MasterCard, offers a 5% cash back every time you fill up at Shell gas stations nationwide.

• Pre-paid gas card – You put a certain amount of money in your gas card and then you use it like a regular credit card when you need to fill up your gas tank. It is a good gift idea or employee bonus as well as for controlling the gas consumption of company vehicles.

• Business fuel card or fleet card – This type of card is normally intended to control gas purchases of a business with a fleet of vehicles. A customized card is issued to each driver of the company allowing him a certain amount of gasoline to charge on his card. Chevron-Texaco Business Card issued itemized statement to the business owner so they can keep track of purchases made by company drivers enabling them to analyze how they are using gas for company vehicles.

A gas card can help your life and your business in so many ways. Apply for one today and save some money as well as eliminate some headaches.

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