Best Credit Card for Gas Purchases

April 13th, 2015

When it comes to credit cards that offer rewards to consumers, the options are endless. Now a days, reward cards are extremely popular and offer anything from 1% to 5% cash back in addition to tempting offers to sign up. So which gas card is the best for you? The following credit cards have been highly rated for gas purchases.

Chase Freedom
The Chase Freedom card not only offers 1% cash back on every day purchases, but offers customers a whopping 5% cash back in various quarterly categories. At least once a year, gas stations are included, meaning you are saving 5% four months out of the year up to $1,500. In addition, the Chase Freedom card offers members a %100 statement credit just for signing up!

American Express Blue Cash Preferred
Looking for a credit card that doesn’t limit how much money you save? The Blue Cash Preferred card by American Express allows you to save 3% with uncapped savings. This means that no matter how often you head to fill up the tank, you are always going to save 3%.

Bank of America Cash Rewards
Want a combination of both of the above cards? Look no further than the Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card. In addition to 1% back on every purchase, you save 3% on gas purchases and 2% on grocery purchases. Capping out at spending at $1,500, consumers have the opportunity to save big all around using this credit card.

United Mileage Plus Credit Card
Even though the United Mileage Plus Credit Card has a $95.00 annual fee after the first year, customers can quickly earn miles if using this card for gas purchases. Consumers earn 1 mile for every dollar, and in addition obtain 30,000 miles just for signing up. This means that every time you purchase gas, you are also earning miles towards free travel.

It is important to search for the best credit cards and offers, especially when it comes to buying gas. With rising fuel prices heading into summer, saving between 1% and 5% can make a hefty difference when heading out on your family vacations. Keep in mind that various credit card offers are contingent on excellent credit, and most cards offer better interest rates to those who have higher credit scores.

Beware Of Car Insurance Fraud

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Making false insurance claims is a sure-fire way of getting that extra cash, this fact evident in the estimated 22,000 false claims filed annually to bilk money out of insurance companies. The figure is continuously rising as it is very difficult to catch the perpetrators who made it appear that such claims are legit. The situation is even made worse by drivers who are not aware of these insurance frauds and therefore are ill prepared to avoid them or confront the situation when it happens.
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Different Kinds Of Gas Cards

January 14th, 2009

A gas credit card or what is also known as a gasoline rebate card provides rebates on purchase of fuel. You can avail this credit card either from major credit card companies or from specific fuel companies.
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Is Gas Rewards Card Worthwhile To Use?

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You can take advantage of rewards credit cards everywhere. Using gas rewards card could sometimes be a good option while other times it just isn’t. But the use of gas rewards card continue to still be popular at present. What are its actual benefits and could they actually be considered worthwhile to use?
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The Value Of Gas Cards

January 12th, 2009

Automobile owners are now facing a major dilemma with the increase of gas prices. In order to cover these requirements, credit card companies have provided to the market specialized cards for this purpose. One needs to get information directly from the different credit card companies before deciding on a particular one. You have to be a little wary to find the right kind of card appropriate to your needs.
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Taking A Closer Look At Gas Credit Cards

January 11th, 2009

Gasoline is expensive. From a high of $4.50 per gallon of regular gasoline, it went down to $1.48 per gallon recently but it is now starting to inch up slowly. Regular gasoline in California now sells for $1.85 per gallon. But regardless of the price of gasoline, people have to fill up their tanks as they have to drive to work or school every day. One, therefore, has to think of ways of how to economize on their gas purchases.
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Find The Best Reward Gas Credit Card

January 9th, 2009

How would you ever enjoy a joy ride if your car’s gas tank is almost always empty? That’s really something to worry about specially now that gas prices don’t seem to get any lower. One of the nicest things you can do to improve your meager lifestyle would be to avail for the best reward gas credit card. A gas credit card comes in handy on each gas purchase you make because of the discount it offers.
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A Good Fuel Card

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When people talk about saving money because of the economic downturn we are currently facing, the topic inevitably goes to gasoline consumption as it is major item in every person’s budget. Gasoline is necessary to get to work, to school, or any place where we make business or perform our day to day activities. While people did not bother in the past to calculate the amount of money they were putting into their gas tank, everybody now is pinching pennies when it comes to gas fill up. All manners of saving money on gas purchases had been thought of by everybody and different schemes come up on how to save on that very precious liquid.
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